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Edition: 1    Update: 2008-07-02    Total words: 22692    Grade: 4

Author: С.И.Ожегов    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-06-21    Total words: 38308    Grade:

Edition: 1    Update: 2007-12-04    Total words: 69117    Grade: 4

Author: Russkiy Yazyk – Media    Edition: 1    Update: 2009-10-09    Total words: 27660    Grade:
The Dictionary includes 4,100 most commonly used hieroglyphs and over 26,000 words and word combinations. The author believes that this Dictionary will answer the needs of students studying Chinese at university level, as well as enabling its users to read Chinese newspapers and magazines with only very occasional look-ups in larger dictionaries. It can also be used as a reference book on Chinese spelling and pronunciation, and serve as a source of linguistic material for textbooks.
The Dictionary is intended for Chinese students, teachers, and sinologists.

Author: KOLYA    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-10-03    Total words: 6396    Grade: 4

Edition: 1    Update: 2008-08-27    Total words: 89875    Grade:

Author: Russkiy Yazyk - Media    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-09-07    Total words: 77752    Grade:
The New French-Russian Dictionary is the most comprehensive French-Russian dictionary currently available on the market. The dictionary contains more than 70,000 entries and 200,000 words and expressions. The Dictionary reflects the French language as spoken today and includes many words and expressions that are ususally labelled as argot or taboo, but are now commonly used in fiction and in the media. The Dictionary is based on the latest French monolingual dictionaries and includes all the words from Petit Robert and Petit Larousse, the best single-volume French dictionaries.

Detailed entries contain idioms and terms, supplied with grammar, style and usage labels. Pronunciation and spelling peculiarities are also indicated wherever required.

The Dictionary is intended for linguists and for all those interested in the French language. This is a companion volume to the Active French-Russian Dictionary by V.G. Gak and J, Triomphe, which was specifically designed for French-speaking students of Russian.

Author: Russkiy Yazyk - Media    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-08-31    Total words: 175661    Grade:
The Dictionary contains 180,000 words and expressions, 260,000 meanings, 200,000 illustrative examples, and 550,000 translations. This is the most comprehensive dictionary of its kind published in the second half of the 20th century. The Dictionary includes the most common terms related to economics, space exploration, computer science, the media, construction, culture, as well as the general word stock. Neologisms are provided with comments and illustrative examples wherever required.

The Dictionary contains a list of German and international organizations and a list of abbreviations.

The Dictionary is intended for philologists, linguists, translators, teachers, university students, and all those who read German texts in the original. German students of Russian will also find it useful.

Author: Russkiy Yazyk - Media    Edition: 1    Update: 2008-09-07    Total words: 70225    Grade:
The Dictionary contains more than 300,000 words and phrases of contemporary Italian. Detailed entries contain extensive information about collocations and idioms. The Dictionary offers good coverage of scientific, media, technical, and sports terms.

The Dictionary is intended for linguists, translators, teachers, and students of Italian. The Dictionary can also be used by Italian students of Russian.

Edition: 1    Update: 2008-08-28    Total words: 67939    Grade:

41 Dictionaries in "Languages" Page 3 of 5:  1  2  3  4  5
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