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Download voice package of Natual Voice & TTS Engine

Use Natural Voice

Install Natural Voice package
The way is very easy, open the folder named speech in "installation folder of Lingoes", and create a new folder in it with name of the natural voice, then unzip the downloaded natural voice package into the new folder.
If you want to uninstall some one package, just del the folder of the package.

Now we demonstrate the installation method to take Lingoes Basic English Voice Package for example:

1. First, create a new folder named "Lingoes English" in speech folder of installation folder of Lingoes, the path is:

    Installation folder of Lingoes\speech\Lingoes English\

2. Download the zip file of Lingoes Basic English Voice Package, then unzip all files and folders in the zip file into the new folder.

3. Then choose "Lingoes English" in the list of "Configuration"→"Speech"→"Natural Voice Engine"→"Voice"

4. After install/change the package, remember to click the button "Rebuild Index file", so lingoes will rebuild a index file for every voice package correctly, it will improve and speed up rate of search and play the natural voice.

You can also make a voice package yourself.
To make a voice package is a easy and simple work. Just record pronunciation of each word and save them as mp3 file and named the file as the word. For example, the word Hello, record the pronunciation and save it as hello.mp3, capital or lowercase are all ok. After recording work, create a new folder in installation folder of Lingoes according upon method, then copy these mp3 file into the new folder.

Click here to learn about how to make a natural voice package used in Lingoes...
Recommended Natural Voice Package
Lingoes Basic English Voice Package (Include 10836 word)
File Size: 24.1 MB
Download: Address 1    From Skydrive    From

Longman 2005 Voice Package - American English
Filesize: 99 MB
Download: From    eMule Download

Longman 2005 Voice Package - British English
File Size: 130 MB
Download: From    eMule Download

Webster Voice Package - English
File Size: 372 MB
eMule Download: ed2k://|file|[142000...CE2YQ5QJCQRB6LFKI|/ 
 Use Text To Speech (TTS) Engine
TTS 5.1 is required to pronounce text in Lingoes
Firstly, using TTS engine need the support of TTS 5.1 engine in your windows OS:

You can download Microsoft Text-To-Speech(TTS) Engine and install it.
Don't install the file and only download other TTS voice package if you can hear voice in Lingoes.

Needn't install the engine under the following environment:
  • Windows XP has pre-installed TTS Engines 5.1 and Sam voice.
  • Microsoft Office has include TTS Engine 5.1
Microsoft TTS 5.1 including Sam / Mary / Mike voice
File Size: 9.92 MB
Download: Address 1    Address 2    From Skydrive    From
Recommended Excellent TTS Engine
Microsoft Simplified Chinese Voice Package
File Size: 1.55 MB
Download: Address 1    From Skydrive    From

You can get more voices from
  • AT&T
    Amercian English, UK English, Indian Accent English, Spanish, German, French, Canadion English
  • NeoSpeech
    US English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Acapela
    UK British, French, German, European Portuguese, Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, Danish, Czech, Faroese, Icelandic, Finnish, Turkish, US English, British English, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish
  • RealSpeak
    US English, British English, Australian English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese,  Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Please get it from
Acapela TTS Engine with 17 European Languages Voice Package
Lingoes supports Acapela TTS engine. Acapela is an excellent TTS engine with real voice and provides 17 European languages. After installing it, Lingoes can support it automatically. So, you can hear real voice of word and sentence with Belgian Dutch, Brazilian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, UK English, US English.

Get Acapela TTS Engine with Voice Package from official site:
  1. First, Download Infovox Desktop Engines Engines to install.
    Download Address: Infovox Desktop v2.2 engine
  2. Then download which voices package to install.
    Download Address:
  3. After the upon steps, you can see the new installed voice engine in the list of configuration → speech → voice. To choose one you want, it will be applied in Lingoes as the language.
  4. Notice: it's a demo with 30 days limitation.

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