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Universal Russian-Spanish Dictionary
The Dictionary contains 200,000 words and phrases of contemporary literary and spoken Russian. This Dictionary is based on the Russian-Spanish Dictionary by J. Nogueira and G. Turover originally published in 1967, which has run into multiple editions, including in Spain: 1969 by Danae publishers and 1994 by Rubinos, Madrid.

The Dictionary includes Russian idioms, current political and scientific terminology, and terms related to finance, taxes, law, economics, and computer science. The Dictionary also includes words related to the world's main religions and cultures. A substantial amount of slang, argot and taboo words have been added.

Spanish translations are based on the Spanish language as spoken in Spain, but the Spanish language of Latin America is not neglected.

The compilers of the Dictionary sought to describe the two cultures as reflected in their languages.

The Dictionary is intended for linguists, translators, teachers, and university students.
Version: 2.4
Edition: 1
Language: Russian ⇒ Spanish
Author: Russkiy Yazyk - Media
Update: 2008-09-07 / 2008-09-07
Total words: 60549
Online: No
Size: 9.17 MB

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