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Shakespeare Dictionary
Mr. Schmit developed the Shakespeare lexicon in the later 19th century, which had been used for more than one hundred years. However, to this day, it still to be the greatest Shakespeare lexicon of all. Thence, it seemed to be very necessary to let the classical Shakespeare lexicon digitized, so that a common Shakespeare fan can easily read the classical drama by its assistance. When I am reading the drama such as a midsummer night's dream by Shakespeare, I usually fall into trouble that many words have strange meaning which are quite different from its modern meaning. The most serious things are that some words can't be searched even by the Oxford English dictionary. I think you will be same as me, undertaking the same arduous journey when you are reading an ancient drama by Shakespeare or others. Although the special dictionary like above "the Shakespeare lexicon" dictionary has been published, reading the dictionary to search a word is a physical sport. That is motivation why I developed this digital Shakespeare dictionary.
Version: 2.4
Edition: 1
Language: English ⇒ English
Author: zhu hong liang
Update: 2008-05-30 / 2008-05-30
Total words: 17859
Online: No
Size: 4.34 MB

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